Coastal Parklands is a follage park on deck 8 of the ship with a varity of park activitie's to do & diner's 'n' facilities within the space provided(also an entrance to Levatating Plat Bar!) Did we mentain that the plant scenery contain's unordinary surprises in the plant's & they change setting's per day from tropic green, Breezy rainforest, Calm bush, Underwater realm & much more!

Known Neighbourhood PlacesEdit

Trivia on this NeighbourhoodEdit

  • The Levatating Plat Bar Docking station on deck 8 look's like a modern cafe outside, the top nano-fold, open's up, where the plat then hover's up to deck 15.
  • The plant follage's & grass bio-shift's to change setting's each day & time of the day.
  • There is also a painting on one of the blank wall's on deck 8, in the park that's has a jungle with few building's & clean environment along with a high-tech underground city, via underground shaft's, also a quote: A useful way of letting Eco & economy co-operate,

Neighbourhood GalleryEdit

comin soon :)