Golden Main-Street is a Gold-coast city alike outside plaza with a varity of shops & dining areas,like the Levatating Plat Bar Bottom entrance,3X Discovery's All 3 entrances & exclusive signature display Surf-Buggy! the neighbourhood is also known as the main lobby of the ship,with included Guest Services areas,Ontop Color-Spectrum Roof Shard ceiling & this neighbourhood also connets to Aft'r Broadwalk,Chillax Spa 'N' Fitness & Coastal Parklands. This neighbourhood run's from deck's 3 to 6.

Known Neighbourhood PlacesEdit

Trivia on This NeighbourhoodEdit

  • The deck 5 of The main-street is also the XXl,main looby of the ship.
  • There are also stateroom's on deck 6 & 7, overviewing deck 5 below (also via to the stateroom's that look out to sea.
  • There are Glass-shade sculptures that emit diffrent radient,colour's every now/& then, also spaced out from the 2 skylight's @ deck 8.
  • the bottom station of the Levatating Plat Bar shoot's a beam of water to the plat when arriving/or leaving deck 5, it float's on 4 management poles till deck 8 than hover's up to deck 15.
  • Located near the Levatating Plat Bar is a signature, Beach Jeep with wave style paint-styles on white body & surfboard rack.
  • The Jogging Track has 8 suspended hot tub's from the ocean floor, aswell as some resting chairs, it also contain's the main boarding entrance when boarding the ship, can let to enter the trach once out @ sea.

Neighbourhood GalleryEdit

  • Comin Soon ;)