Attention RuckasNuckas EVERYWHERE!!!, introducing an outstanding cruise vessel of Nucka culture & adventure: the MS Nucka Tidecruiser, an amazing & Huge cruise ship specificly 4 RuckasNuckas (based on the Royalty Valhalla vessel from Simpsons Season 23, Episode 19 '20 ft bigger') with 26 deck's, themed Onboard neighbourhoods, unreal onboard activities (& rides), live shows & entertainment & much more!

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Ship Logo RN4L

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  • Note: Before we nuckas are able to begin an officil Deck Plans for this R.V sized,Nucka & Redneck style inspired ship. please know that you'll work up a template of Royalty Valhalla deck plans [pic's of reference can be found on the internet Or Simpsons Wiki] to plan out where each facility,neighbourhood N shit is gonna be as shown. So grab a temp,sketch some ideas & go Fuckin Nuts!!.

Gallery Of Nucka FunEdit

  • Note: This here is the gallery section of this fanon cruise artiele of fanart pic's of almost everywhere on the ship, when the concept art & stuff are complete [either any cartoon style you Nuckas are good at], based on any event, chillin spot, insane stunt & more (comin soon)

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