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MS Surfers Paradise (Cruise Edition) LOGO

The officil logo of the ship [Australian Made]

Surfers Paradise (cruise edition) is a large,fun-packed cruise ship [Also slight-larger size to Oasis & Allure of the seas] based on Australias gold coast & surfers paradise! Each set out in 7 awesome neighbourhoods on sweet places around the gold coast like:Golden Main-Street,Aft'r Broadwalk,Coastal Parklands,H2O Roofdeck Beach,All-4-Youth,Sports @ Sea & Chillax Spa 'N' Fitness,Check out our onboard restrurants like 3X Discovery A restrurant consisting of 3 levels @ once & with screens & walls showing pics of amazement & imaganation, & our exclusive Levatating Plat Bar that move's upward from Main Street up 2 Parklands & Roofdeck Beach. also 4 gamblers up for game's check out the Simpson Casino inspired on the great culture of black & white australian culture. Even check out one of our many private clubs @ the top of the ship called Stack Observation Lounge. The ship even has alot of awesome & amazing things onboard aswell as inspiration from Teletoon's,6Teen,TotalDrama, stoked & many other things to rock your stay. So if your looking for an awesome Miami alike cruise getaway then this ship is WORTH it.


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Deck PlansEdit

  • Note: Before were able to begin an officil Deck Plans for this O.O.T.S sized,Gold Coast,Teletoon inspired ship. please know that you'll need a template of Oasis Of The Seas deck plans [copy can be found on Ferry Wiki] to plan out where each facility,neighbourhood N stuff is gonna be as shown. So grab a temp,sketch some ideas & go Nuts!!.

Gallery Of ActionEdit

  • Note: This will be a gallery of random pic & shots from almost everywhere around the ship,soon when the ship styles & deck plans are complete,create An animated pic [possibly TD,6Teen or Stoked style,etc] of somewhere around the ship,E.G. awesome event,chilling out event,crazy stunt & more (Coming Soon)

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